A live-work studio-gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. 

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The Manipulation of Light


















Our next exhibition will feature the work of Tru Ferguson, a member artist at 185 Augusta.

Opening Reception will take place on Thursday, July 25th, 2013, from 7-11pm. The exhibition will be open until August 5, 2013.

Please check out Tru’s indiegogo campagin for more information about her aspirations as a photographer/artist: http://igg.me/at/The-Manipulation/x/2378258



Photos of Artwork by Tru Ferguson

Press Kit Photography by SoTeeOh

Graphic Design by Javid (JAH) & Ola Ojo


Tru Ferguson’s current body of work focuses on the deconstruction of the face and body into multiple layers paired with the integration of light. In doing so she invites the viewer to re-examine traditional perceptions of the human face and body on a level that goes beyond the exterior.

She aims to create images that provoke conversation concerning concepts of self, beauty and body image. By taking traditional images and re-shaping them, Tru encourages the viewer to question what it means to be beautiful. Is beauty really just skin deep? Can it have many layers? Are you willing to define it on your own terms and not be influenced by the media’s perspective on physical beauty?

Tru Ferguson strives to challenge universal definitions of beauty laid out by popular culture, and re-define them according to her personal experiences. Rather than looking to common standards of beauty which she finds limiting, the layers in Tru’s work represent the potential for finding beauty where it is typically least expected.

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