A live-work studio-gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. 

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Javid (JAH)


Selfportrait (when I was 3). Latex on wood. 12″ x 36″. 2008.


Javid is an Arabic name that means eternal.

His work as a painter, graphic designer and muralist is dedicated to revealing the architectural spirit of letters and faces, inspired by the principles of Arabic calligraphy, graffiti art, and portraiture. Javid is available for custom portraits and calligraphic paintings, on canvas or walls. He also manages Under the Radar (undertheradarto.com), a youth-led social enterprise specializing in graphic design, mural painting and screen printing, located at the LOFT Youth Centre for Social Enterprise and Innovation (loftycsei.org) in Downtown Toronto.

Currently, Javid is pursuing a Masters in Architecture at the University of Toronto. His goal is to design sustainable arts spaces in developing urban societies, addressing needs specific to the context of education, youth, street art and social enterpreneurship.





The Glass Box

Light It Up is a studio project for a building that would be an arts centre for transdisciplinary research at University of Toronto, Canada. The site is across from Robarts Library – an icon of brutalist architecture and one of the largest libraries in Canada. My proposal explores the idea of transparency through material and social organization. Structurally, I propose a building made entirely of glass. In terms of my approach to the program of mixing studio, dining/social, gallery and library spaces, the notion of transparency drives the focus on visibility of the gallery from all public spaces.

The interior environment is driven by play of light through varying levels of translucency. The close up of cast glass reveals the change in orientation of the glass paneling, so the thickness of the glass is exposed, strengthening the structural ambition of the material and exploring the varying degrees of privacy obtained through the use of layering.


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