A live-work studio-gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. 

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BECAUSE WE CAN… – A Photo Exhibition by Moses Kofi and SoTeeOh


Join us for 185 Augusta’s new exhibition featuring the photography of Moses Kofi and Soteeoh.

Thursday, October 3rd. 7-11 PM
Good Art, Good People, Good Music, Free.


About the show:

Self-taught photographers Moses Kofi and SoTeeOh share personal philosophies and creative inspirations through a series of images. Their photography consists of street scenes and portraiture from Toronto, Trinidad and Washington depicting the artists’ unique perspectives on life and creativity. Both artists employ a variety of mediums to showcase their images working with glass, wood, metal and found objects. The show is an immersive visual documentation of both artists’ life experiences: personal philosophies told through the lens.


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The world is full of opposites, wrong/right, good/evil, up/down, Black & White/Colour… Artist Jimmy Chiale seeks to bring a balance to that last pairing with his hand picked group of Toronto artists working under a common theme: Balanced Expressions. This unique show features 11 sets of work, each with 1 Black & White, and 1 colour piece among them. Each of these pairs was created specifically with a harmony between the two sides in mind, with each piece complimenting the other.

It was put forth as a sort …of challenge to these artists to try something a bit different, and broaden horizons. Participating artists include:

Jimmy Chiale



Georgina Walker

Phillip A. Saunders

Raquel Da Silva

uber 5000


Isaac Weber

Adrian Hayles

and Malcom Yarde




SoTeeOh – Street Photography


Bloor | Toronto Street Photography | Bloor Subway Station, January 2013.

instagram @soteeoh

18 Jan 2013


The newest member of the 185 family, SoTeeOh, in his own words:

“I’ve heard the term “visual junkie” thrown around. If I had to describe myself with one term, that would be it.

Everything that appears on this site is my work. I work in a variety of mediums to satisfy my visual addiction. I paint (mostly acrylics and a bit of aerosol), I draw, I take pictures, I make videos, I build things, I tattoo; basically I work on anything I can get my hands on. My objective is to create physical manifestations of my imagination and to that extent anything available may become a canvas.

Through my work I explore themes of nature, isolation, and nostalgia as well as altered and partial functioning through the familiar lens of pop culture and everyday life.

I am open to requests for commissions, collaborations and just general feedback. I would love to hear from you.”

contact – soteeoh@soteeoh.com | Facebook | Twitter




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