A live-work studio-gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. 

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BECAUSE WE CAN… – A Photo Exhibition by Moses Kofi and SoTeeOh


Join us for 185 Augusta’s new exhibition featuring the photography of Moses Kofi and Soteeoh.

Thursday, October 3rd. 7-11 PM
Good Art, Good People, Good Music, Free.


About the show:

Self-taught photographers Moses Kofi and SoTeeOh share personal philosophies and creative inspirations through a series of images. Their photography consists of street scenes and portraiture from Toronto, Trinidad and Washington depicting the artists’ unique perspectives on life and creativity. Both artists employ a variety of mediums to showcase their images working with glass, wood, metal and found objects. The show is an immersive visual documentation of both artists’ life experiences: personal philosophies told through the lens.


A.R.K. ANGEL Tshirts



On Sale now @ 185 Augusta – $25 each!

Or email us to place an order – info@185augusta.com

All proceeds go towards our new charity – ARK – Artists Renaissance Kensington :)





Animated Gif courteosy of Chris Ak (@IamChrisAk)

Opening Reception @ Hashtag Gallery Tues March 19, 2013 at 7pm

SoTeeOh & JAH submitting pieces alongside Jimmy Chiale et al



SOTEEOH @ Hashtag




The world is full of opposites, wrong/right, good/evil, up/down, Black & White/Colour… Artist Jimmy Chiale seeks to bring a balance to that last pairing with his hand picked group of Toronto artists working under a common theme: Balanced Expressions. This unique show features 11 sets of work, each with 1 Black & White, and 1 colour piece among them. Each of these pairs was created specifically with a harmony between the two sides in mind, with each piece complimenting the other.

It was put forth as a sort …of challenge to these artists to try something a bit different, and broaden horizons. Participating artists include:

Jimmy Chiale



Georgina Walker

Phillip A. Saunders

Raquel Da Silva

uber 5000


Isaac Weber

Adrian Hayles

and Malcom Yarde




February 3013 at Accent Bookstore



We have ventured back in our history and recognized many of the great achievements accomplished by Black people. Each February we do this time and time again. But what of our distant future as Black people. This collection of art work explores future visions of our existence and evolution as people. Perhaps A Black take on science fiction through a lens of full vibrant colour. Join us at Accents as Danilo McDowell-McCallum travels down one path into the story of our future Black destiny.

-Danilo M. McCallum

Event Location:

Accents Bookstore 1790 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario Friday February 1 2013 check out the Facebook Page for updates




PRINTS from the  ’ALAAMA Collection are now available!

Prints are on Acid-Free, Archival paper i.e. they will never go yellow.

Two generic sizes are available – 18″x24″ and 24″x36″

If you prefer an different size, please email us at info@185augusta.com




Name of Painting for PRINT


Name of Painting for PRINT


‘ALAAMA – The Collection

‘Alaama (she knows)

‘ALAAMA is a solo exhibition that explores the artist’s vision of feminine divinity.
Through a series of mixed media paintings that experiment with calligraffiti, the work represents an expression of Sufi Islam.



If you are interested in acquiring a painting, please click on the buttons below, which will direct you to a secure service through Paypal.














One Day Soon

One Day Soon Shirts (Process) from Ian Kamau on Vimeo.

Order ‘One Day Soon’ T-Shirts in black on black or red on white for $25 CAD plus $5 shipping (North America) at IANKAMAUMERCH@GMAIL.COM Order the album at http://iankamau.bandcamp.com/album/one-day-soon-lp (digital download or CD).

www.iankamau.com | www.twitter.com/iankamau | www.iankamau.tumblr.com

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