A live-work studio-gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. 

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MFEST 2012

Live Painting at Muslim Fest 2012 at Celebration Square, Mississauga

The calligraffiti reads “wahedah” which means ONENESS or UNITY in Arabic. The fill of the letters consists of the public’s contribution of their # of choice – a compilation of individual numbers that form ONE number, in essence.


“No 1 But 1″ is a reference to the shahada – “There is No Deity but One Deity”

Amazing support from the youth volunteers from MFEST (Salima) and UTR (Smilez)




My City, My Play.

8′x8′. Aerosol on wood boards. Installed at the Brickworks Koerner Gardens.

Commissioned by Evergreen Brickworks & FIDO.





Neon Lights



220′ x 28′. UTR Production – Danilo, Celo, Pepper, Koltron, Mozie, JAH. 2011

Koreatown, Toronto.

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