A live-work studio-gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. 

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Lyrics and Vocals: a l l i e
Production: 2ND SON
Directed by : Philip Sportel





“Cross My Mind” is the first single from new artist, allie. It possesses a nostalgic quality reminiscent of old school R&B and Soul. Lust, desire, and indecision are interwoven in melodic unity, creating a sound that is quintessentially allie.

Join us in celebrating the release of the video for “Cross My Mind” as well as a live performance by allie.

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Hear “Cross My Mind” on SoundCloud


Press Kit

Photography by Gillian Mapp & Moses Kofi.

Copy Editing by Amanda Nk.

Graphic Design by Trudi Ferguson, Ola Ojo and Javid (JAH)




Midnight Green – The Chris Ak Beatape – Press Kit


Designed by Danilo M McCallum, Ola Ojo & Javid (JAH)

Photography by Gillian Mapp, Moses Kofi & SoTeeOh

For more information about the Beatape, click here

“Go At It” – The Midnight Green Warm Up



Black Iron Giants & 185 Augusta presents:

The Chris Ak Beatape – “Midnight Green”

Cover Art for The Chris Ak Beatape Album “Midnight Green” painted by the talented Danilo M McCallum.

Check out the album at http://chrisak.bandcamp.com

Direct zip download @ https://rapidshare.com/files/351162622/ChrisAk-MIDNIGHTGREEN-ALBM.zip


Hear Me – Chris Ak x 185

THIS VIDEO WAS MADE EXCLUSIVELY ON A SMART PHONE!! Shot, edited, music, everything on the phone. Chris Ak is always pushing the technology he has in arm length further.

The video features the spot 185 Augusta. Which is the greater, over all team’s Head Quarters. It also features JAH making of a custom pair of sunglasses and shoes for TOMS. Check the finish product here

Shot&Chopped by Chris Ak of BLACK IRON GIANTS.



‘Alaama originates from the Arabic verb for knowing, ‘alama.

The exhibition consists of a body of work that explores the artist’s vision of feminine divinity. Through a series of mixed media paintings that experiment with calligraffiti, the work represents an expression of Sufi Islam.


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‘Alaama – The Story

Cinematography by Danilo “Cinematic” McCallum and Chris Ak.
Edited by Danilo McCallum
Music from “Draw The Line” by Zaki Ibrahim
Paintings and Voice over by Javid (JAH)


[IN THE CUT] Artist Spotlight: JAVID from Char Loro on Vimeo.

Javid is a Toronto graffiti and visual artist and an aspiring architect. This piece explores his inner thoughts and feelings behind the creative process of what he does as he produces an entire new piece one warm, sunny day in his home studio in Kensington Market.

Directed, Produced, Shot and Edited by Char Loro.

This is a segment from a half hour hip hop show pilot titled IN THE CUT that was created and produced by Char Loro, Zanana Pinas, Soko Negash, Chloe Azimian, Lindsey Addawoo, and Jules Legal.



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