A live-work studio-gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. 

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FUTURE NOW – Mural 2013 from Chris Ak on Vimeo.

Future Now Mural 2013
(Bloor St. and Concord Ave)

Artwork by:

Directed Edited and Music Produced by: Chris Ak (www.iamChrisAk.com)

Special thanks to Long & Mcquade Musical Instruments.





Animated Gif courteosy of Chris Ak (@IamChrisAk)

Opening Reception @ Hashtag Gallery Tues March 19, 2013 at 7pm

SoTeeOh & JAH submitting pieces alongside Jimmy Chiale et al



‘Alaama (SHE KNOWS) – Opening Reception Photos

Much love to Way of Acting for shooting the event :)   And thanx to EVERYONE that flooded 185 on that memorable Summer evening!


‘Alaama (SHE KNOWS) – A Solo Exhibition by Javid (JAH) – Press Kit

Designed by Adil – Dilicious.com

Photography by Gillian Mapp & Black Iron Giants

The Story of ‘Alaama Video



5PTZ New York



In October 2012, I travelled to NYC and got the chance to paint at the historic 5PTZ, formerly known as the Candy Factory at 23rd & Jackson. I got the opportunity from Meres, who runs this graffiti hall of fame, literally hours before I had to fly back to Toronto. I decided to do an Arabic piece to leave my mark on 5PTZ, and wrote “BISM” which means “In the name of” (the most high). Gotta show mad love to Uli (with me in pic above) who helped me make it happen – Danilo’s younger bro in Jamaica, Queens. SPAZECRAFT (SC) – an old school writer doing innovative programs in graffiti education – was also on the scene, breaking down the history of some of the legends that have blessed 5PTZ. And Jessica Lehrman, a photographer for Rolling Stones, helped document the ceremonial piecing.

More shots below!


MFEST 2012

Live Painting at Muslim Fest 2012 at Celebration Square, Mississauga

The calligraffiti reads “wahedah” which means ONENESS or UNITY in Arabic. The fill of the letters consists of the public’s contribution of their # of choice – a compilation of individual numbers that form ONE number, in essence.


“No 1 But 1″ is a reference to the shahada – “There is No Deity but One Deity”

Amazing support from the youth volunteers from MFEST (Salima) and UTR (Smilez)




PRINTS from the  ’ALAAMA Collection are now available!

Prints are on Acid-Free, Archival paper i.e. they will never go yellow.

Two generic sizes are available – 18″x24″ and 24″x36″

If you prefer an different size, please email us at info@185augusta.com




Name of Painting for PRINT


Name of Painting for PRINT




My City, My Play.

8′x8′. Aerosol on wood boards. Installed at the Brickworks Koerner Gardens.

Commissioned by Evergreen Brickworks & FIDO.






‘Alaama originates from the Arabic verb for knowing, ‘alama.

The exhibition consists of a body of work that explores the artist’s vision of feminine divinity. Through a series of mixed media paintings that experiment with calligraffiti, the work represents an expression of Sufi Islam.


Facebook Invite http://www.facebook.com/events/324457460981424/

‘Alaama – The Story

Cinematography by Danilo “Cinematic” McCallum and Chris Ak.
Edited by Danilo McCallum
Music from “Draw The Line” by Zaki Ibrahim
Paintings and Voice over by Javid (JAH)


[IN THE CUT] Artist Spotlight: JAVID from Char Loro on Vimeo.

Javid is a Toronto graffiti and visual artist and an aspiring architect. This piece explores his inner thoughts and feelings behind the creative process of what he does as he produces an entire new piece one warm, sunny day in his home studio in Kensington Market.

Directed, Produced, Shot and Edited by Char Loro.

This is a segment from a half hour hip hop show pilot titled IN THE CUT that was created and produced by Char Loro, Zanana Pinas, Soko Negash, Chloe Azimian, Lindsey Addawoo, and Jules Legal.




Light It Up

Light It Up is a studio project for a building that would be an arts centre for transdisciplinary research at University of Toronto, Canada. The site is across from Robarts Library – an icon of brutalist architecture and one of the largest libraries in Canada. My proposal explores the idea of transparency through material and social organization. Structurally, I propose a building made entirely of glass. In terms of my approach to the program of mixing studio, dining/social, gallery and library spaces, the notion of transparency drives the focus on visibility of the gallery from all public spaces.

The interior environment is driven by play of light through varying levels of translucency. The close up of cast glass reveals the change in orientation of the glass paneling, so the thickness of the glass is exposed, strengthening the structural ambition of the material and exploring the varying degrees of privacy obtained through the use of layering.


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