A live-work studio-gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. 

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Gillian Mapp, Photographer


Growing up, seeing photographically was as simple as capturing moments or pieces of them with my eyes. Along the way I decided to go beyond taking mental images, and now I use my camera to record history, share untold stories and above all to take beautiful images.

– GM

For any inquires about my rates, buyings prints, and or working with me please contact info@gillianmapponline.com.




Moses Kofi presents Living Rooms – Nuit Blanche 2012 – Press Kit


Designed by Ola Ojo & Javid (JAH)

Photography by Black Iron Giants

Living Rooms Video Teaser




‘Alaama (SHE KNOWS) – A Solo Exhibition by Javid (JAH) – Press Kit

Designed by Adil – Dilicious.com

Photography by Gillian Mapp & Black Iron Giants

The Story of ‘Alaama Video



Midnight Green – The Chris Ak Beatape – Press Kit


Designed by Danilo M McCallum, Ola Ojo & Javid (JAH)

Photography by Gillian Mapp, Moses Kofi & SoTeeOh

For more information about the Beatape, click here

“Go At It” – The Midnight Green Warm Up


SOTEEOH @ Hashtag




The world is full of opposites, wrong/right, good/evil, up/down, Black & White/Colour… Artist Jimmy Chiale seeks to bring a balance to that last pairing with his hand picked group of Toronto artists working under a common theme: Balanced Expressions. This unique show features 11 sets of work, each with 1 Black & White, and 1 colour piece among them. Each of these pairs was created specifically with a harmony between the two sides in mind, with each piece complimenting the other.

It was put forth as a sort …of challenge to these artists to try something a bit different, and broaden horizons. Participating artists include:

Jimmy Chiale



Georgina Walker

Phillip A. Saunders

Raquel Da Silva

uber 5000


Isaac Weber

Adrian Hayles

and Malcom Yarde




SoTeeOh – Street Photography


Bloor | Toronto Street Photography | Bloor Subway Station, January 2013.

instagram @soteeoh

18 Jan 2013


The newest member of the 185 family, SoTeeOh, in his own words:

“I’ve heard the term “visual junkie” thrown around. If I had to describe myself with one term, that would be it.

Everything that appears on this site is my work. I work in a variety of mediums to satisfy my visual addiction. I paint (mostly acrylics and a bit of aerosol), I draw, I take pictures, I make videos, I build things, I tattoo; basically I work on anything I can get my hands on. My objective is to create physical manifestations of my imagination and to that extent anything available may become a canvas.

Through my work I explore themes of nature, isolation, and nostalgia as well as altered and partial functioning through the familiar lens of pop culture and everyday life.

I am open to requests for commissions, collaborations and just general feedback. I would love to hear from you.”

contact – soteeoh@soteeoh.com | Facebook | Twitter






Chris Ak and Danilo Cinematic McCallum are BLACK IRON GIANTS (B.I.G.).


Black Iron Giants is a team that’s much GREATER THAN the sum of their parts. An indelible video/film union. It is the solidification of great creative minds with talented hands, who have been competing and collaboration since 8th grade. BIG movements. 2012 til …



Info on the video above:

Via Linez, Press, Element. – CERTIFIED! – Prod by LvD (LyveVsDyce)
In Order…
ViaLinez @ViaLinez
Press @PressMovement
Element @talktoelement
Produced By Lvd (Lyve vs Dyce) LvDcertified@gmail.com
Lyve @LyveMuzik
CocoDyce @CocoDyceDidit
Directed by Chris Ak DirectorChrisAK@gmail.com
In partnership with..
Danilo McCallum of Seedlings Design www.seedlingsdesign.com
HighDEF.. “The High End Theory” ..Album Coming Soon. Lyve, Press, & Dyce www.highdef.bandcamp.com




Black Iron Giants & 185 Augusta presents:

The Chris Ak Beatape – “Midnight Green”

Cover Art for The Chris Ak Beatape Album “Midnight Green” painted by the talented Danilo M McCallum.

Check out the album at http://chrisak.bandcamp.com

Direct zip download @ https://rapidshare.com/files/351162622/ChrisAk-MIDNIGHTGREEN-ALBM.zip


February 3013 at Accent Bookstore



We have ventured back in our history and recognized many of the great achievements accomplished by Black people. Each February we do this time and time again. But what of our distant future as Black people. This collection of art work explores future visions of our existence and evolution as people. Perhaps A Black take on science fiction through a lens of full vibrant colour. Join us at Accents as Danilo McDowell-McCallum travels down one path into the story of our future Black destiny.

-Danilo M. McCallum

Event Location:

Accents Bookstore 1790 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario Friday February 1 2013 check out the Facebook Page for updates


Starships and Angels – A Solo Exhibition by Danilo M McCallum – Opens March 20th, 2013


Starships & Angels – An Art Exhibition by Danilo McDowell- McCallum

Presented by 185 Augusta and Black Iron Giants.

Opening Reception: March 20th, 2013 at the 185 Augusta gallery. Facebook Event Page


“Starships and Angels” is the new solo exhibition by Toronto based artist Danilo McDowell McCallum. Danilo’s artwork explores the concept of afro-futurism through the use of his signature “blockhead” portraits of black artists. The exhibition is being held at 185 Augusta which is a gallery space located in Toronto’s Kensington market that is home to a collective of multi-disciplinary urban artists. This will be Danilo’s third solo show and builds off of the recent success of his “Black Future Month” exhibition which opened in February.

For more information about the artist and this exhibition please see the attached press kit and video link (below).


Check out the animation below by Chris Ak!



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