A live-work studio-gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. 

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Blue Mountain

Proposed design for Studio course at U of T Architecture. Collaboration between Javid (JAH), Atelier Zero (Ola Ojo) & Red Axe. Designed in Rhino, Renders V-Ray/Photoshop. 2012


5PTZ New York



In October 2012, I travelled to NYC and got the chance to paint at the historic 5PTZ, formerly known as the Candy Factory at 23rd & Jackson. I got the opportunity from Meres, who runs this graffiti hall of fame, literally hours before I had to fly back to Toronto. I decided to do an Arabic piece to leave my mark on 5PTZ, and wrote “BISM” which means “In the name of” (the most high). Gotta show mad love to Uli (with me in pic above) who helped me make it happen – Danilo’s younger bro in Jamaica, Queens. SPAZECRAFT (SC) – an old school writer doing innovative programs in graffiti education – was also on the scene, breaking down the history of some of the legends that have blessed 5PTZ. And Jessica Lehrman, a photographer for Rolling Stones, helped document the ceremonial piecing.

More shots below!




Live digital painting at the Launch of the new SAMSUNG Galaxy II Note at the KoolHaus, Toronto, 2012

Live performance by PSY while digital art being drawn by JAH on the phone was projected on a screen








TOMS Shoes x JAH

Customized Shoes and Sunglasses for TOMS’ One for One Charity Exhibition at JessGo Studios, Toronto, Summer 2012

Live Painting at the event while the shoes were auctioned off

Check out the making of the shoes in this Chris Ak flick called “Hear Me”



Hear Me – Chris Ak x 185

THIS VIDEO WAS MADE EXCLUSIVELY ON A SMART PHONE!! Shot, edited, music, everything on the phone. Chris Ak is always pushing the technology he has in arm length further.

The video features the spot 185 Augusta. Which is the greater, over all team’s Head Quarters. It also features JAH making of a custom pair of sunglasses and shoes for TOMS. Check the finish product here

Shot&Chopped by Chris Ak of BLACK IRON GIANTS.




Private Commission. 18″ x 24″. Aerosol and marker on canvas


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