A live-work studio-gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. 

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My first attempt at wood turning. This was the result.



One Day Soon

One Day Soon Shirts (Process) from Ian Kamau on Vimeo.

Order ‘One Day Soon’ T-Shirts in black on black or red on white for $25 CAD plus $5 shipping (North America) at IANKAMAUMERCH@GMAIL.COM Order the album at http://iankamau.bandcamp.com/album/one-day-soon-lp (digital download or CD).

www.iankamau.com | www.twitter.com/iankamau | www.iankamau.tumblr.com


40th Anniversary

Commissioned portrait for a 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration. Painted live at the anniversary party.

Javid. Mixed media on wood panel. 48″ x 48″


In the Cut



[IN THE CUT] Artist Spotlight: JAVID from Char Loro on Vimeo.

Javid is a Toronto graffiti and visual artist and an aspiring architect. This piece explores his inner thoughts and feelings behind the creative process of what he does as he produces an entire new piece one warm, sunny day in his home studio in Kensington Market.

Directed, Produced, Shot and Edited by Char Loro.

This is a segment from a half hour hip hop show pilot titled IN THE CUT that was created and produced by Char Loro, Zanana Pinas, Soko Negash, Chloe Azimian, Lindsey Addawoo, and Jules Legal.



Designed and built at Nuit Blanche 2011.






My City, My Play.

8′x8′. Aerosol on wood boards. Installed at the Brickworks Koerner Gardens.

Commissioned by Evergreen Brickworks & FIDO.




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