A live-work studio-gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada. 

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BECAUSE WE CAN… – A Photo Exhibition by Moses Kofi and SoTeeOh


Join us for 185 Augusta’s new exhibition featuring the photography of Moses Kofi and Soteeoh.

Thursday, October 3rd. 7-11 PM
Good Art, Good People, Good Music, Free.


About the show:

Self-taught photographers Moses Kofi and SoTeeOh share personal philosophies and creative inspirations through a series of images. Their photography consists of street scenes and portraiture from Toronto, Trinidad and Washington depicting the artists’ unique perspectives on life and creativity. Both artists employ a variety of mediums to showcase their images working with glass, wood, metal and found objects. The show is an immersive visual documentation of both artists’ life experiences: personal philosophies told through the lens.


MONOCHROME – SoTeeOh & Jimmy Chiale

Monochrome is a black and white themed art exhibition featuring new work by abstract expressionist painter Jimmy Chiale and Toronto street photographer SoTeeOh. Both artists will be showing new individual works as well as collaborative pieces that mix paint and photography.

The show is Saturday August 24th at The Annex Art Centre (1075 Bathurst St.) from 7-11 pm


The Manipulation of :: Light – Promo Video

185 Augusta presents
The Manipulation of ::light
a Solo Exhibition By Tru Ferguson
( 185Augusta Member)

Opening reception : Thursday , July25th
Time: 7-11pm
(Exhibition runs July25th – August5th)
At 185 Augusta (Kensington Market)

Tru Ferguson’s current body of work focuses on the deconstruction of the face and body into multiple layers paired with the integration of light. In doing so she invites the viewer to re-examine traditional perceptions of the human face and body on a level that goes beyond the exterior.

Photography merging with other traditional artistic medium, such as collage, re-imagining aesthetics and textures, playing with fragments and wholes, light and darkness to create different realities.

For more info:

Instagram: @truphotographer




ELMNT – Body Movin (Directed by SoTeeOh)

ELMNT – Body Movin (Directed by SoTeeOh) from ELMNT on Vimeo.

Shot & Directed: SoTeeOh
Cameo: Millie Kay

Originally off Fresco P – PanDilla’s Box (Free Fresco P)
Production by James “J Dilla” Yancey


#STARA-NOVA – Summer 2013



FUTURE NOW – Mural 2013 from Chris Ak on Vimeo.

Future Now Mural 2013
(Bloor St. and Concord Ave)

Artwork by:

Directed Edited and Music Produced by: Chris Ak (www.iamChrisAk.com)

Special thanks to Long & Mcquade Musical Instruments.


The Manipulation of Light


















Our next exhibition will feature the work of Tru Ferguson, a member artist at 185 Augusta.

Opening Reception will take place on Thursday, July 25th, 2013, from 7-11pm. The exhibition will be open until August 5, 2013.

Please check out Tru’s indiegogo campagin for more information about her aspirations as a photographer/artist: http://igg.me/at/The-Manipulation/x/2378258



Photos of Artwork by Tru Ferguson

Press Kit Photography by SoTeeOh

Graphic Design by Javid (JAH) & Ola Ojo


Tru Ferguson’s current body of work focuses on the deconstruction of the face and body into multiple layers paired with the integration of light. In doing so she invites the viewer to re-examine traditional perceptions of the human face and body on a level that goes beyond the exterior.

She aims to create images that provoke conversation concerning concepts of self, beauty and body image. By taking traditional images and re-shaping them, Tru encourages the viewer to question what it means to be beautiful. Is beauty really just skin deep? Can it have many layers? Are you willing to define it on your own terms and not be influenced by the media’s perspective on physical beauty?

Tru Ferguson strives to challenge universal definitions of beauty laid out by popular culture, and re-define them according to her personal experiences. Rather than looking to common standards of beauty which she finds limiting, the layers in Tru’s work represent the potential for finding beauty where it is typically least expected.


A.R.K. ANGEL Tshirts



On Sale now @ 185 Augusta – $25 each!

Or email us to place an order – info@185augusta.com

All proceeds go towards our new charity – ARK – Artists Renaissance Kensington :)


SAVE ME Opening Reception



We want to thank everybody that came out to the Opening of SAVE ME on June 27, 2013!

Was an amazing party, lots of great feedback, and a righteous launch for our new charity, Artists Renaissance Kensington!

The exhibition will close July 11, 2013. Please feel free to come by before then to check out the art!



A.R.K. – Artists Renaissance Kensington



In June 2013, the 185 Augusta Collective initiated a process to establish a charity known as A.R.K. – Artists Renaissance Kensington.  The SAVE ME Exhibition was the kick-off event for this charity, whose mission statement is the following:




Background Information:

With the on-set of corporate development in and around Kensington Market, one of the few vibrant, diverse and creative neighbourhoods remaining in Toronto, there is a sense of urgency surrounding how residents, business owners and cultural actors will respond.

Having established their own microcosm of sustainable living – a residence that can function as a studio and gallery for a collective of artists – the 185 Augusta Collective has offered to play a leading role in developing a strategy for how Kensington can make essential moves to resist the threat of an increased corporate presence.

The notion of ownership is key to the on-going debate – if property belongs to individuals whose interests lie in preserving the unique cultural expressions privvy to the market, then there is a tangible means of preventing corporate, big box organizations from establishing themselves within the fragile socio-economic system of “mom & pop’s” and “underground merchandising” storefronts.

Given this perspective to community resiliency, a group of individuals, made up of both members of the 185 Augusta Collective as well as community residents and stakeholders, are attempting to establish a charity dedicated to the acquisition of property in Kensington Market. The goal is to acquire property and then to transform the spaces there-in to affordable, fixed-rent live-work opportunities for artists and other creatives.

There are many ways that this overall vision can evolve over the course of time. For example, will the targeted property provide storefront visibility for artists? Will residences be separated from studios? Will the property house an institution or merely function as a private apartment? While we recognize the importance of these questions, we will ultimately let the Members and a new Board of Directors work towards resolving this picture for Kensington’s future. At this point in time, our focus is on taking the appropriate steps to ensure that we can establish this Charity and agree on its mission and vision for protecting the right to affordable housing and productive spaces for artists in Kensington Market.




Lyrics and Vocals: a l l i e
Production: 2ND SON
Directed by : Philip Sportel